Fostering inclusion in the workplace matters

Being diverse is not enough! While your workplace may be diverse – people coming together with different beliefs, lifestyles, races, religions, and values – the workplace often operates the same as it always has.

Inclusion happens when all people can thrive. This means changing and evolving procedures, policies, and practices. It means stopping the celebration of that one person who made it despite all the barriers and roadblocks. It means identifying and dismantling those barriers and roadblocks that make it hard —or impossible — for some people to thrive and be successful. Inclusion means addressing power and privilege. Inclusion means everyone has opportunity and is respected for who they are and the talents they bring.

Matt believes that creating an equitable workplace includes:

  • Creating a workplace where employees feel respected and valued,
  • Eliminating biases related to workplace policy, procedures, and practice in place,
  • Encouraging the idea that diversity and inclusion training is not enough, and much more needs to be in place,
  • Addressing discomfort around workplace expectations; and,
  • Ensuring senior leadership understands and acknowledges the importance of employee engagement, training and policy review to ensure the retention of diverse employees.

This results in an inclusive and welcoming community embraces human differences, sees them as strengths, and offers respect in both words and actions for all people.

Matt is an author, a keynote speaker, communication consultant, and a leading expert on Canadian workplace culture. He has written two books: Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules and Would You Hire You? Matt is also an experienced course facilitator and has delivered countless talks, seminars, and professional courses on diversity, equity, inclusion, career development, leadership strategies, communication skills, and Indigenous history and culture.

Matt believes that equity in the workplace cannot be achieved unless people feel safe bringing their whole selves to work.

Matt is a citizen of the Métis Nation and a founding member of the Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) in 1993. He was elected as the first Post-Secondary Representative on the Provisional Council for the MNO. His family & heritage are deeply connected to the Red River Métis and his ancestors played a significant role in the events leading up to Manitoba entering into confederation in 1870.

Matt holds a Master’s degree in Communication Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Indigenous Studies and History.  He has been consulting and teaching for 25 years both in Canada and overseas in Korea, Japan and Macau.