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Matt Adolphe has written two books: Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules and Would You Hire You? Matt is also an experienced course facilitator and has delivered countless talks, seminars, and professional courses on diversity, equity, inclusion, career development, leadership strategies, communication skills, and Indigenous history and culture.

Canadian Workplace Culture: Mastering the Unspoken Rules

“What nobody will ever tell you about succeeding in Canada!”

Matt Adolphe, an internationally-experienced communication expert, explains why certain behaviours don’t work in Canada’s workplaces. He reveals ten easy rules for fitting in, becoming accepted and prospering. Whether you are starting a new job, immigrating to Canada or just want to be more successful, this book is for you.

Would You Hire You?

This book includes 10 tips that will help you successfully navigate the changing world of work and excel in your job. Follow these tips to become an essential employee and discover that job security and leadership positions are naturally within your reach. Not only will you excel in your career, but you will also make your workplace better for those around you. Why not be the most you can be? Read on and start today!

Some key points from the book:

  • Understand Canadians

    Canadians are often perceived as being polite and friendly, but what leads to this impression? The very foundation of Canadian culture is empathy and concern — putting the feelings of others first. Canadians are very mindful of their communication; they make certain their messages are not negative or hurtful.

  • Communication style

    In order to avoid hurt feelings and possible conflict, Canadians tend to be indirect. When it comes to disagreement or negative emotions, Canadians rarely speak their minds. The lack of directness may be hard to understand for some; the truth is, Canadians communicate a lot with non-verbal cues.

  • Everyday Small Talk

    One of the most distinct Canadian cultural characteristics is the everyday small talk. Canadians avoid topics that would lead to a debate, small talk such as the weather is thus a very common Canadian conversation.

  • Understand Canadian Culture

    Due to the conflict-averse nature of Canadian culture, one may easily be perceived as arrogant if not conforming to the accepted norms of the Canadian indirectness. Canadians tend to regard directness as being rude and individualism as being arrogant.

  • Fit in and stand apart

    Having said that, Canadians do not oppose individualism. However, in order to be successful in a Canadian workplace, one must first “fit in” to be accepted as a team player. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Canadian Workplace Culture Mastering the Unspoken Rules provides tips and guidelines of how to make a good first and lasting impression in the Canadian workplace.

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