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Having a diverse workplace creates variety in perspective, brings together different experiences and insights, fosters innovation, and supports growth into new global markets.

However, it’s not just enough to hire a diverse group of people and expect they will flawlessly integrate into your company.

It takes work. If you’re wondering if this is worth it, you should consider a report by Deloitte (2018) indicates that organizations with inclusive cultures are:

2 times as likely to meet or exceed financial targets

3 times as likely to be high performing

6 times more likely to be innovative and agile

8 times more likely to achieve better business outcomes

All of these are important to an organization’s success.  None of these will be maintained without fostering inclusion through the development and promotion of intentional and sustainable practices.

Fostering inclusion in the workplace matters. Not only does it reduce employee turnover because staff feel more valued and included, but it reduces absenteeism, attracts skilled workers, and enhances creativity. People with different perspectives can drive positive change as everyone works together to build a positive employee culture.

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Dismantling bariers

Diversity is Key

Inclusion is ongoing – it’s not a one-off training session or part of the onboarding process. For diversity to be effective and sustainable, you need an inclusive model – a model that seeks to achieve a welcoming environment where all feel a sense of belonging.

Yes, it involves identifying and dismantling barriers and attending to issues of privilege and systemic racism. It also means ensuring your workplace has the leadership required to be effective, a level of employee engagement that will support sustainability, resources for training and development, and the policy/procedure revisions that will come about as you work toward an inclusive workplace.